It has been almost two years since the world has been dealing with the pandemic, and the collective frustration of people seems to be just increasing.

Now, a student has distilled that frustration into an equation, Dubbing it as 'Newton's Fourth Law' and tried to prove that Covid-19 is inversely proportional to studying.

As Omicron cases continue to surge and education institutions have been shut once again

The students evoked Sir Issac Newton to explain how pandemic has been affecting academics

However Online Classes Have been conducting in many institutions but the Level Of education do not remains as it was in offline mode.

The hilarious equation came to light when IAS officer Awanish Sharan shared the notebook page on Twitter, jokingly with a caption: 'Covid kaal' ka Newton

The post garnered a lot of likes on the platform, many of whom who sympathised with the student.

However, in all fun and humour, it must be noted that there are only three law of motion by Newton, and the fourth one doesn’t exist.