The sale of Virtual land in the metaverse dominated the NFT market

The metaverse is a virtual reality online experience that uses blockchain technology and NFTs to pay for and own internet-based goods.

The demand for digital land exceeded all other items, art, and collections, according to NFT and metaverse sales during the past week.

Out of almost $300 million sales in NFT over the past week. Almost a quarter has been for digital land in The Sandbox metaverse. 

Each of the top ten NFT metaverse sales during the last week was for in-game digital land across the top five collections.

In the metaverse when you make an in-game purchase, you actually own the item and are free to hold, trade or sell it.

Over the last week, the Sandbox received $70.5 million ,making it the most profitable metaverse collection.

In June, a virtual real estate investment firm surpassed Decentraland's record for the most expensive digital land tract ever auctioned, investing $913,000.

Sandbox and Dentraland maintained their positions as the top two collections traded on NFT marketplace Opensea throughout the past week.