Speaking On a news channel, spiritual leader Sadhguru said that it does not make sense to talk now  about the thousands of temples that were razed during invasions as  history cannot be rewritten.

He Said that The two communities [Hindus and Muslims] should sit together and work out which two-three sites are iconic and settle it.

Instead of discussing one site at a time and keeping the controversy and unnecessary enmity between communities alive.

There has to be some give and take - that's the way forward for the  nation. We should not be thinking in terms of Hindu community and Muslim  community."

Asked about the ongoing Gyanvapi mosque controversy, Sadhguru refrained  from commenting as he said he was not up to date on the matter

On the Hindi vs South Indian languages debate, Sadhguru said, "All languages have equal place in India."

Don’t change the fundamental ethos of the nation just because a certain language has more speakers",He Added.