Cadbury 5Star extends its ‘ Do Nothing’ proposition by launching NothingCoin, a new form of currency that gets mined while you do nothing.


Consumers can mine this coin by buying a Cadbury 5Star, scanning the QR code, and logging onto the Do Nothing mining website.

Scan the QR

After following basic steps, do nothing and keep his phone aside to let the website mine NothingCoins for you.

Website For Mining

It has partnered with Paytm and Reliance JioMart for customers to redeem their earned coins.


"NothingCoin Bank"  located at Nariman Point in Mumbai. Filled with couches and charging points for users to mine for hours in air-conditioned comfort.

A Bizzare Bank

The bank has a teller that does nothing,  ATM that doesn't gives out money and instead of loaning money.

Bank Teller, ATM "doing nothing"

While most brands encourage youth to go out and do things, 5star took a different route, urging youngsters to do opposite through the campaign.

The "do nothing" campaign

The brand has cashed-in on a popular concept i.e. investing in cryptocurrency. Currently trending among the youth

Targeting the Youth