Novak Djokovic hopes his BBC interview will help change his image in media

Novak Djokovic in the press after his first-round win in Dubai earlier on Monday,  revealed he is regretting the fallout from his visa controversy in Australia.

In that context, Djokovic was probed on whether he was worried about how he would be perceived in the tennis universe following his controversy in Australia.

The Serb was unsure how the tennis universe felt about him yet, he did express hope that his recent interview with the BBC would help bring about a shift in terms of his image.

The Serb also divulged a few details about his public relations team during the interview, while asserting that they were trying their best to get his side of the story out to the tennis community.

He did maintain in the interview that he held nothing against the tennis media in general.

He added that he has been on the receiving end of such vilification time after time in his career, while asserting that such things were part and parcel of the game.