Djokovic's dad criticizes reporter for harsh remark following defeat

Novak Djokovic was close to making history with a 24th Grand Slam, surpassing Serena Williams' Open Era record.

Djokovic was unexpectedly defeated by Carlos Alcaraz in the 2023 Wimbledon final.

This marked Djokovic's 12th Grand Slam final loss, the most in men's singles tennis history, surpassing Federer and Lendl.

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A journalist ridiculed Djokovic, calling him the 'Loser Of All Time' causing outrage from Djokovic's father.

After sitting out due to Covid restrictions, Djokovic plans to return to the US Open, hoping for a chance at his 24th Major.

Remaining hopeful, Djokovic expressed his motivation and goals for future tournaments, stating his love for hard courts and looking forward to returning to New York.