Curbs around Christmas and New year celebrations 

Omicron India :

December 23, 2021

Many states have imposed restrictions amid omicron concerns ahead of celebration seasons; lets look at the guidelines of few states

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has ordered the DMs to ensure no Christmas and New Year gathering takes place in the national capital


-Restaurants and bars to open  with up to 50% capacity. -Maximum of 200 people in marriage functions.  -No social, political, cultural, or religious gathering allowed


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-Residents need to seek approval from Mumbai's civic body for any events in which 200 or more invitations will be sent. -Indoor halls to operate with 50% capacity, outdoor with 25%


Local ward officers should send their "representatives" to an event where over 200 individuals have been invited to see if COVID-19 proper behaviour guidelines are being carefully followed.


The Karnataka government has directed district authorities and health officials to enhance surveillance and designate contact tracers and quarantine observers


Restaurants and clubs will only allow 50% seating capacity and mandatory full vaccination. Also, no special events or DJs to be allowed in new year celebrations


Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people will not be permitted to enter public places or government offices ( even employees) from Jan 1st.


The district administration has been directed to boost testing and contact tracing for positive patients and closely trace the infection trajectory