Omicron India : high chances of 3rd wave but no need of travel ban - says IMA

 Indian Medical Association (IMA) said  "the government should move forward with the plan for vaccination of children aged 12 to 18".

Government's attempt to vaccinate nearly 50% of the adult population with at least one dose were lauded by the doctor's body.

IMA also warned "If we do not take adequate measures, we may have a massive third wave. 

The body also urged people to avoid massive social gatherings and ensure adherence to covid-appropriate behaviour.

The doctor’ body did not support the imposition of a travel ban. However, it appealed to everyone to avoid unnecessary travel.

According to IMA "Covid vaccination has proved that it will prevent severe forms of infection" 

IMA claimed that the Omicron variant also labelled as ‘Variant of Concern’ by WHO, will have high penetrability and will affect more people.