Omicron in India: Center asks states to consider night curfew

December 21, 2021

The Union Health Ministry has written to States to impose restrictions such as night curfews and declare containment zones

The order comes after the country witnessed initial signs of surge in cases of covid-19 as well as increased detection of the highly mutant Variant of Concern (VoC) Omicron

The Union Ministry of health and Family Welfare on Tuesday said the Omicron variant is at least 3 times more transmissible than Delta

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 Health ministry also said “greater foresight, data  analysis,   strict & prompt  containment action” is  required at the local and  district level.

Around 200 cases of COVID's fast-spreading variant Omicron have been verified in India so far, with 77 people recovering or migrating : Health ministry

With 54 cases each, Maharashtra and Delhi have recorded the most cases of the new variant. Telangana (20 cases), Karnataka (19), Rajasthan (18), Kerala (15) and Gujarat (14)

World Health Organization (WHO) had earlier warned that increased social mixing over the holiday period in many countries will lead to increased cases