One Cut Two Cut Movie Review

Directed by Vamsidhar Bhogaraju. The film is produced by Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar and Gurudatha Talwar under PRK banner

Pinkvilla (3.0/5)

Director Vamsidhar came up with a good concept. But the fact is that he should have written it with a few more characters. However, it is worth watching once for a good laugh

KOIMOI (3.5/5)

Danish Sait starrer Is a satire skilfully packaged as brainless comedy. A film that is so random but every sharp commentary about the society it delivers makes complete sense.

TOI (3.5/5)

One Cut Two Cut is not a cerebral watch, it is mad and sincere with its heart firmly in place. At the same time, it isn't just another mindless comedy either.

IndianExpress (3.5/5)

A dim-witted attempt at tomfoolery and the blind faith of Danish Sait and Vamsidhar Bhogaraju in people's large-heartedness to forgive them for their misadventures

Deccan Herald (2.5/5)

You are smiling at many points in the film but you don’t burst out laughing as the film promised us. The attempt is appreciable, the result leaves us wanting more. 

IndiaToday (3.0/5)

On the whole, One Cut Two Cut is a small film with a large heart. The performances and the clever wit make this film entertaining.

TheQuint (2.0/5)

One Cut, Two Cut is a satirical comedy but it just isn’t funny barring a few jokes that probably land because the bar has been set low enough