Parliament's special session to begin today with PM's address

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP's senior leader Piyush Goyal will open the discussion on 75 years of parliament in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively.

An assembly of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs will take place at Central Hall to commemorate the Parliament's rich legacy and make resolutions for India's development by 2047.

After the function at Central Hall, the sitting will be shifted to the new parliament building, coinciding with a possible puja due to Ganesh Chaturthi.

The legislative agenda includes bills regarding Chief Election Commissioner appointment, postal services, advocates amendment, and press and periodicals registration.

Regional parties, such as Biju Janata Dal and Bharat Rashtra Samithi, are pushing for the women's reservation bill during an all-party evening meeting.

The special session of parliament is seen as a diversionary tactic by the opposition, urging to prioritize critical issues like violence in Manipur and wrestlers' protest.