Petrol, Diesel Prices Keep Getting Hiked, Showing No Sign of Stopping

Petrol, Diesel Prices are increased by ₹ 10 per litre in 16 days, after an 80 paise hike both in petrol and diesel per litre today.

In Delhi, Petrol now costs ₹ 105.41 per litre as against 104.61 yesterday, and diesel prices stand at ₹ 96.677 per litre as against 95.87 yesterday.

Fuel rates vary from state to state depending upon the incidence of local taxation and the rates have been increased nationwide.

The Centre may, however, choose to reduce the impact of higher crude oil prices on consumers by cutting excise duty on both petrol and diesel.

To cope with the concerning price increase, the Centre may cut excise duty on both petrol and diesel to reduce the cost of fuel.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict and attacks on oil and gas infrastructure in Saudi Arabia have further contributed to the rising price of fuel.

Source: News18