Petrol, Diesel Prices Raised by Rs 8.40 Per Litre in 2 Weeks

The price increase marks the 12th hike in just 2 weeks.

Petrol and Diesel rates have been increased again by 40 paise per litre each on 4th April.

In the national capital, Petrol now costs Rs 103.81 per litre as against Rs 103.41 previously, while diesel rates stand at Rs 95.07.

In Mumbai, the petrol and diesel prices per litre are at Rs 118.83 and Rs 103.07 respectively.

Petrol now costs Rs 109.34 per litre and diesel Rs 99.42 per litre in Chennai.

In Kolkata, petrol prices stand at Rs 113.45 per litre and diesel costs Rs 98.22 per litre.

Source: MoneyControl