Prada hops on Web3 bandwagon, launches NFT collection

By H.JanGra June 1, 2022

Italian luxury fashion brand Prada has hopped on the Web3 bandwagon with a new NFT collection and a dedicated Discord channel.

The new NFT collection has been named Timecapsule. The fashion behemoth also announced the debut of "Prada Crypted," the brand's new community server on Discord, which is accessible to everyone.

The Prada Timecapsule NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain network

Timecapsule NFTs, as per a press release by the company, will be a monthly online event lasting 24 hours on the first Thursday of each month

During which an exclusive item will be made available in very limited quantities on Prada's official website in select regions.

Every limited-edition Timecapsule item is assigned a unique serial number and comes in distinctive packaging.

Owners of the Timecapsule items will be able to become the first owners of Prada NFTs beginning June 2