Praggnanandhaa Beats World Champion Magnus Carlsen For 2nd Time This Year

By H.JanGra May  21, 2022

R Praggnanandhaa, 16-year-old chess prodigy, defeated Magnus Carlsen for the second time this year 

As he got better of the world champion in the fifth round of the ongoing Chessable Masters

Earlier this year, Praggnanandhaa had defeated Carlsen and now in a span of three months, he got the better of the Norwegian once again.

Chessable Masters is a 16-player online rapid chess tournament

The contest between Carlsen and Praggnanandhaa was headed towards a draw but Carlsen made a big mistake on his 40th move and then resigned on his next move

After Day 2 of the Chessable Masters, Carlsen is at the third spot with a score of 15 while Praggnanandhaa is in the fifth spot with 12 points.

China's Wei Yi is in the top spot with a score of 18, followed by David Anton who has a score of 15.