2020 in review for Product Managers

2020 has been the year of exceptional challenges and changes for businesses across the globe.

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated digital adoption by major firms by as much as 5 years.

As firms transition to a digital world, they require Product Managers to help them navigate this change.

While the job of a PM has always been important, in 2020, this function became crucial like never before.

Here is a quick recap of some of the key changes that this role had to go through the year 2020.

Embracing virtual collaboration: A product manager’s job always involved collaboration. But in 2020, it moved to virtual largely which wasn’t easy for this role.

Expertise in digital: Be it any industry, today’s PM is expected to have digital know-how. And by know-how, we don’t mean the basic familiarity but proper expertise.

Adopting an innovation mindset: From new business models to reshaping customer services, the pandemic made product folks innovate like never before.

Multitasking - With many organizations trying to save costs, the teams are getting smaller. Multitasking has been at its peak for product folks in 2020.

Becoming agile - With many old frameworks and processes getting redundant, agility has been the key to survival and sailing through 2020 for product folks.

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