Salaries of Product Managers in India

Average Product Manager, Software Salary in India is close to - Rs. 1,691,644 (source: Payscale)

The salary of course varies based on the industry, hierarchy, location, and multiple  other factors.

For e.g., a product manager in the banking industry gets paid Rs. 10-12 lacs p.a. whereas in the e-commerce industry it could be Rs. 15-17 lacs p.a. (source: glassdoor)

Salary range for different Product roles in India: Product Owner:  Rs. 651k - Rs. 2m Product Manager:  Rs. 714k - Rs. 3m Senior Product Manager:  Rs. 981k - Rs. 4m Principal Product Manager:  Rs. 2m - Rs. 7m Director of Product Management:  Rs. 3m - 8m (Source-Payscale)

Location plays an important role too. A Product Manager in Bangalore earns an average of 16.8% more than the national average.

Pay Difference by Location  ▲17% Pune, Maharashtra ▲6% Chennai, Tamil Nadu ▼2% Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ▼3% Gurgaon, Haryana ▼10% Mumbai, Maharashtra ▼13% New Delhi, Delhi ▼29%

This role has a clear growth path and rewards offered along the trajectory. As one progresses in this role, one gets to see a clear jump of 100 - 200% salary for every decade of experience.

A career path in Product Management is both professionally and financially rewarding. With most of the organizations focusing on building a product-centric culture, the role is definitely going to stay.

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