Psychological safety is critical for high-performing teams

Source: stackoverflow

If the answer is no to the questions listed above, this could be a sign that teammates or employees across the organization lack psychological safety.

There is an unspoken agreement that employees will not feel punished or embarrassed when speaking up, whether it's exposing one's ignorance by asking questions or offering a new solution or idea to a problem.

The 2017 Gartner Culture Workforce Survey found that when employees work in a psychologically safe environment, the discretionary effort can improve up to 24%. Discretionary effort means employees put in extra effort above and beyond what is expected because they want to.

Employees are open about the mistakes they made instead of avoiding them or, worse yet, covering mistakes up.

Employees are empowered to ask questions, poke at proposals, and when the answer is unclear, employees are encouraged to level up through on-the-job learnings.

Employees voice radical business and technical ideas.