PUBG's Relaunch Date in India

PUBG was among the 224 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government in September 2021.

As per the Government, PUBG is said to be “engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India.”

On March 18th, PUBG Corporation posted a job posting for an ‘Investment and Strategy Analyst’, this move of the company partially confirms that the game might be in launching in India.

With PUBG Corp.'s vigorous efforts to bring the game back, they promised a renovation of game content which can be an Indianized version.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite had active players of over 50 million in India, of which around 13 million users had the practice of logging in daily.

India was seen as the perfect market for a game like PUBG as it had released the game around the time of the 4G mobile plans at extremely low rates.

PUBG Corp. opened a registered office in Bengaluru last year under the name PUBG India Private Limited, which registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The relaunch looks imminent with the company now staffing new positions for its Indian offices.