Ratan Tata's tribute on Jamsetji Tata's birth anniversary

Jamsetji Tata started a trading company in 1868 at the age of 29 with a capital of Rs 21,000 — the early beginnings of what would one day become the Tata group.

Started at the age of 29

In 1874, Jamsetji established Empress Mills - a textile mill in Nagpur instead of Mumbai, India's textile hub, in a genius step

A textile mill in Nagpur

Jamsetji established the JN Tata Endowment Fund in 1892 to help Indian students pursue higher studies abroad.

Established Endowment fund

source: moneycontrol

He also brought luxury hospitality to India with Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal Hotel opening for business on December 16, 1903.

Brought luxury hospitality

Jamsetji Tata’s enterprises followed fair labor-protection policies and were profitable as well as efficient.

Fair Labor-Protection Policies

He set up the hydro-electric plant in 1892.  Most impressive solar rooftop installations in cricket club of India is also a part of his aspirations for clean energy

Flag bearer of clear energy

In 1898, Jamsetji donated land for constructing a research institute in Bengaluru. He came up with a blueprint for this institute

Donated Land To Construct -Today’s IISc

There were many dreams of Jamsetji that he could not fulfill in his life as he died suddenly on 19 May 1904 in Germany’s Nauheim.

Sudden Death

Mr. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata has provided us with his inspiration, his ethics and values, his vision and selflessness

Ratan Tata paid tribute