The Ajay Devgn directorial, which stars himself, Amitabh Bachchan, and  Rakul Preet Singh is an edgy, fast-paced aviation drama that ends up being a great big screen cinematic experience.

With aviation dramas, it's the thrill factor and visual spectacle that  the director creates, which promise an edge-of-the-seat experience.

The film is inspired by true events from 2015 when a Doha to Kochi  flight had a narrow escape after facing difficulties to land at the  airport due to bad weather and low visibility.

However, at many places you'd also notice several resemblances to Hollywood films like Sully (2016) and Flight (2012).

The story revolves around Captain Vikrant Khanna (Ajay Devgn) and first officer Tanya Albuquerque (Rakul Preet Singh)

Donning the director's hat, one more time, Ajay does a brilliant job. He is a great storyteller.

At no point, he wastes time in decorating his characters with useless  details be it his own as a skilled, cool yet arrogant pilot who's  overconfident about his expertise, or Rakul Preet as a flattered yet  scared co-pilot

He straightaway dives into the incident that happened and takes you on a journey thousands of feet above the ground.