Russia-Ukraine conflicts impact  on India


India has taken a neutral stance in the Russian- Ukraine conflict as choosing any one side can be a loss-loss situation for India

India's neutral stance

Russia has been an Indian ally since long. 86% of Indian weapons are imported from Russia.

Russia a long term ally

India is developing good relations with USA. New strategic allies via QUAD is in the making

India's ties with USA

With the sanctions on Russia due to war crude oil prices are definitely going to get up.

Russia 3rd largest crude oil producer

Due to increase in the prices of crude oil there would be increase in inflation too. The prices of the products of daily needs will increase.

Increased inflation

International travel is also going to get more expensive due to the rising inflation and crude prices

International travel

Stock markets will remain volatile for a bit. Already Rs. 7.59 lakh cr investor wealth has been wiped out of indian stock market.

Stock market volatility

The global cryptocurrency market has plunged almost 12% after Russian troops marched to Ukraine

Impact on crypto 

The most dangerous part. Russia cannot have started a war without the monetary support of China

The China-Russia alliance