'Ab Toh Sab Bhagwan Bharose' review: A parable with good intention

Shiladitya Bora's directorial debut film is 'Ab Toh Sab Bhagwan Bharose', a parable about social harmony viewed through a young boy's perspective.

The boy, Bhola, lives in a village in north India, spends more time flying kites than in school, learning from a disinterested priest-cum-teacher.

Bhola's mother and grandfather indulge his love for kite flying while his father is away in the city for work.

In the year 1989, Bhola and the village confront a tumultuous event that forever changes their fundamentally religious society.

Despite its leisurely pace, movie displays the village's backwardness and close-mindedness which leads to an event that becomes Bhola's awakening.

Satendra Soni gives a standout performance as Bhola, an initially naive boy who ultimately loses his innocence in a shattering way.