On Salman Khan's 56th birthday, a look at his fitness regime

The one star who has always been an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts is Salman Khan! The original shirtless hunk of the industry, Dabangg Khan turns 56 today

Even during his tight schedules, Salman Khan manages to squeeze in at least an hour or two of gymming every day, often working out past midnight!

On a regular day, Salman Khan’s workout routine involves a combination of exercises including bench presses, weight training, treadmill, sit-ups and push-ups, circuit training and planks

He also loves to cycle and is often spotted in the city during his free days. Cycling is a good way to keep the heart healthy and fit. He can cycle for up to 3 hours at a stretch! Truly commendable

He believes in the power of holistic diet and nutrition. Salman makes sure to stay away from protein supplements, steroids, and advises his fans to do so too

Salman Khan has also helped many younger celebs in the industry-from Arjun Kapoor to Sonakshi Sinha - to get in shape. Not to forget, he is also a sports enthusiast.

Talking about the timing of workouts for being fit and healthy, Salman says: “Whenever you get the time, you should do your workout. He works out one body part at one time

It is his obsession with fitness that has helped him slow down the age blues. He is a true inspiration for anyone who needs a little push to prioritize fitness in his life.

"More than in the gym, the body is made out of the gym. You might spend long hours in the gym, but it is your discipline and a strong mind that plays a greater role in achieving your desired body"