Salt City' Review: The Spirit of Mumbai Can't Save a Mediocre Series

By H.JanGra June 16, 2022

 Salt City, a story about a family that moved from Lucknow to Mumbai and eventually cracks started to appear in the very fabric of their relationships to one another.

One character in the show says, “Mumbai, it adds salt to everything,” and on similar lines, Piyush Mishra laments that the ‘rust’ has eaten away at his family

City explores the way patriarchy and the expectations it puts on everyone has the potential to ‘eat away’ at people.

Salt City positions itself as a brilliant tale of how patriarchy and lack of communication affects a family

And how a toxic patriarch can leave a lasting effect on the self esteem and expression of those around him but it’s difficult to connect with these mostly woefully one-dimensional characters.

Maybe the show will delve deeper into each character as an individual in following seasons, if they exist

SonyLiv’s latest offering Salt City started streaming on 16 June.