Senior Year Movie Review: The Netflix Comedy Gives High School Vibes

Senior Year revolves around a high-school ‘cheer captain’ from Harding High who has met with a stunt accident.

Stephanie Conway (Rebel Wilson) slips into a coma before her prom night and wakes up 20 years later.

Senior Year sets out to be a homage to flicks that would get 80s’ and 90s’ kids nostalgic but falls flat just like Steph in the accident.

Director Alex Hardcastle does a good job of keeping the narrative crisp.

But the screenplay does no justice to exploring the intricacies of someone dealing with a time-lapse of 20 years.

Stephanie keeps reminding her friends and the audience that in her head, she is still 17 but doesn’t have an iota of discomfort.

Source: TOI