Actress Kim Mi Soo, who plays a supporting role in the Korean drama 'Snowdrop', has passed away at the age of 29.

On January 5, news broke on Osen, that the actress has passed away. However, the cause of her death has not yet been revealed.

Shortly after the news broke, her agency Landscape Entertainment confirmed the report.

Her funeral service will be held at Taeneung Sungsim Funeral Home

Before her death, Mi-Soo was cast in Disney+'s drama Kiss Six Sense and started filming.

Kim Mi Soo played the role of Yeo Jung Min in 'Snowdrop'. Her character is one of Eun Young Ro‘s (played by BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo) dormmates.

Kim Mi Soo has appeared in many known dramas including 'Hellbound', 'Hi Bye Mama', 'The School Nurse Files', and 'Yumi’s Cells'.

Her Fans expressed In Social media their deepest condolences by writing such lines "You will always be remembered and will be greatly missed ".