Elon Musk's SpaceX loses 40 Starlink satellites to geomagnetic storm from Sun

By H.JanGra Feb 10, 2022

Days after it launched a new batch of 49 Starlink satellites to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), SpaceX said that it lost 40 of them to a geomagnetic storm that hit Earth last week.

The satellites were launched on a Falcon-9 rocket on February 3 and the geomagnetic storm hit Earth the next day.

The geomagnetic storm was the result of a coronal mass ejection from the Sun by an M1-class solar flare that lasted for about four hours

Source: FindUnRead

Pushing materials into the vacuum of space and towards inner planets including Earth.

Experts had warned of a moderately-strong G2-class geomagnetic storm as the flares hit Earth's magnetic field.

The satellites were deployed in an orbit around 210 kilometers above Earth

Each satellite had achieved controlled flight after successful deployment from the Falcon-9 upper stage.