SpiceJet on Friday said none of its crew and employee credentials were compromised or leaked during the attempted ransomware attack earlier this week

Even as the company informed the stock exchange that the attack on its IT systems has affected its audit process, necessitating a delay in the release of quarterly earnings.

The company has postponed its quarterly results and board meeting scheduled on May 30. A revised date will be communicated later.

There was speculation regarding a possible compromise of credentials during the attack.

A cyber-security start-up, the exposed PII, IP addresses, login and other confidential details could lead to compromised accounts and render systems vulnerable to future cybersecurity attacks and data leaks.

“As per our initial investigation, there are no leaks of any of the above and there are no compromised accounts,” it said in response to Business Standard.

There was no chatter on cybercrime forums or discussion channels regarding SpiceJet