Stranger Things Season 4 trailer: It’s war, and this time with a new terrifying enemy from the Upside Down

By H.JanGra April 12, 2022

Stranger Things season 4 has its first real trailer. Released on Tuesday

It finally shows off where all the characters have gone since the last season ended and the new giant monster they’ll face in their next adventure.

Stranger Things season 4 is set to arrive on Netflix on May 27.

The trailer’s main focus seems to be setting up this season’s new blue monster, who appears to be bringing war to Hawkins and maybe the rest of the Earth.

Meanwhile, the only one who can stop him is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), but only if she can figure out how to get her powers back.

The trailer also makes it clear that this season is going for a more classic horror-movie vibe, complete with an eerie haunted house the kids will have to explore.

Stranger Things season 4 brings back just about everyone from the Stranger Things universe including David Harbour’s Jim Hopper, Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, Maya Hawke as Robin, Joe Keery as Steve, and Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler.