Tata’s Biggest Brands Under One Roof

Know The Tata Neu App 

Tata Neu has been labelled a "super app" since it combines the strength of all of Tata's major brands into one app.

The idea behind the app is simple, Whether you want to purchase groceries from Big Bazaar or you are looking to book tickets for your next vacation, you don’t have to switch apps.

There’s also implicit trust since all sales are backed by the Tata Group and its various brands.

So one does not have to worry about the seller, unlike on other platforms which have often have third-party sellers.

Tata Neu will also club all points, rewards from these sales into what’s called as ‘NeuCoins’. At present, each ‘NeuCoin’ is equal to Re 1, and these coins are valid for one year.

So somewhere perhaps your big purchases could help you get more rewards, and hopefully let you buy other things for free.