Tata Launches Tiago, India's Cheapest Electric Car At Rs 8.2 Lakh:

Considering the developing EV market, the country's only electric vehicle maker, Tata Motors launched India's lowest priced electric car at a little over $10,000 on Wednesday.

Yes we are talking about Tata's Tiago EV. This is an electric version of its popular Tiago hatchback which will have a sticker price starting from 849,000 rupees.

The move comes when Its domestic rival Mahindra & Mahindra is in talks with investors to raise up to $500 million for its EV unit as it plans to launch its first electric sport-utility vehicle in January.

Further in comparison it seems to be much cheaper than India's next most affordable EV, the electric version of Tata's Tigor compact sedan which starts at around $14,940.

In a closer look, India's car market is tiny compared to its population, with electric models making up just 1% of total car sales of about 3 million a year.

The cheapest version of the newly launched Tiago EV which is also the third electric car from Tata will have a driving range of 250 kilometres on a single charge.