The Adam  Project

Ryan Reynolds' sci-fi movie review

Pinkvilla (3.5/5)

Ryan Reynolds' sci-fi movie is charmingly emotional & keeps time travel on backburner


Ryan Reynolds simply plays himself in all his films and interestingly, he somehow still makes it work.


Fun but forgettable, Ryan Reynolds’ new Netflix film is an improvement over Red Notice

Ottplay (3/5)

The Shawn Levy directed movie deals with childhood abandonment and “daddy” issues to the fullest, making it relatively less entertaining than you wished it to be

TOI (3.5/5)

The Adam Project has profusion of emotions, ranging from hilarity to skirmish. And, once in a while, we can all do with just that.

India Today (3.5/5)

Highly recommend if you are seeking a thrill ride in a universe that throws up unexpected surprises at every curve