The Benefits of Being Adaptable


Employers already value this trait, but it's likely to become even more important in the future; in one survey, 91 percent of HR directors predicted that by 2018, the ability of a candidate to deal with change will be a major recruitment goal.

They earn the respect of their peers, inspire those around them to embrace change, and help grease the cogs in the wheel of even the most unanticipated transitions.

As a leader, you're bound to face situations that require you to make quick decisions about whether or not to change course.

Being adaptable means not feeling hopeless and helpless in the face of change.

If you can tell yourself that you have the skills and ability to change yourself, even if you can't change the situation, you have figured out the key to being happy regardless of your circumstances.

When you anticipate changes and adjust your attitude and expectations accordingly, changes don't need to disorient you, they become just another expected part of life.