The Boys Season 3 Trailer: Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy Explained

By H.JanGra May 17, 2022

Amazon’s The Boys Season 3 is set to introduce us to Soldier Boy, played by series newcomer Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), while also, it seems, diving deeper into the origins of Vought International

And now we know what Ackles will look like in his superhero suit and we have trailers for the new season.

Through its first two seasons, The Boys has already deviated from the comics in a number of ways, so it’s likely there will be some more surprises in Season 3 and beyond

The third season’s first episode is titled “Payback,” according to a tweet from showrunner Eric Kripke, which could apply to almost any of the characters after the events of Season 2’s finale…

but probably is also a reference to the World War II-era superhero group that started it all, and which Soldier Boy belonged to.

Soldier Boy will be portrayed by Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, teaming up with The Boys showrunner (and Supernatural vet) Eric Kripke once again

According to Amazon, "Ackles will portray Soldier Boy - the original Superhero

After Soldier Boy fought in World War II, he became the first super celebrity, and a mainstay of American culture for decades."