The Most Effective 4-Step Feedback System for Leaders and Entrepreneurs


While technology has integrated long-term data analysis into business systems, from email open rates, to time spent on webpages and advertising performance through conversion ratios, there is an amazing four-step feedback process that we use in our business and with our clients that increases performance and speed to scale.

Over the past 20 years of observing and coaching high-achievers in human behavior and performance enhancement, it is strange how common it is that people skip this step of thinking first about what went well and contributed to the upside.

This step is made easier by coming after the previous step of capturing and speaking about what was positive.

The next step is to capture all of the expanded possibilities or ideas around what could be added or woven in next time.

The neuroscience behind this step is that it activates the function of the brain where critical thinking and imagination intersect, improving the relationship between hemispheres of the brain.

When you next huddle up with your team or prepare for your next board meeting, take this four-part feedback system with you in order to not only offer the best feedback to your peers, but to also guide them through using it to get the learning from the past and drive a continually improving future.