Top Gun Review: Maverick aces danger zone, and refuses to die

By H.JanGra May  27, 2022


Lt Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is now a captain. Still dangerous and reckless, with a heart of steel, he refuses to die despite his best efforts

That's exactly what has happened with Ayushmann Khurrana's latest outing, Anek. Directed and written by Anubhav Sinha

Anek focuses on an undercover agent Joshua (Khurrana) who is on a mission to restore peace in the Northeastern region of India and the political situation that has for long plagued this belt of the country

During his task, he meets Aido, a Northeastern Indian boxer (newcomer Andrea Kevichüsa) who is struggling with biases while chasing her dream to secure a position on the Indian national team.

Khurrana also has an interesting tryst with Aido's father, Wangnao (Mipham Otsal), a school teacher who is secretly nurturing a rebel group against government forces.

That being said, Anek is high on patriotism and thankfully that never takes the form of jingoism that's quite common in Hindi films

Anek has its heart at the right place and is made with all the right intensions, it's the execution that's a bit disappointing and it's not a story that everyone would understand with equal amount of empathy and interest.