UAE has ordered a four-month suspension in exports and re-exports of  wheat and wheat flour originating from India, the world's second biggest  producer of the grain

The Gulf nation's economy ministry cited interruptions to global trade  flows as the reason for its move, but added that India had approved exports of wheat to the UAE for domestic consumption.

India banned wheat exports on May 14, except for those backed by already  issued letters of credit (LCs) and to countries seeking to ensure food  security.

Since then, it has allowed shipments of 469,202 tonnes of wheat.

Companies wishing to export or re-export Indian wheat brought into the  UAE before May 13, when India's suspension began, must first make an  application to the economy ministry, it said in a statement.

The UAE and India signed a broad trade and investment pact in February  that seeks to cut all tariffs on each other's goods and aims to increase  their annual trade to $100 billion within five years.

The pact, known as the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Trade Agreement (CEPA), took effect on May 1.