UAE suspends exports and re-exports of Indian wheat for four months

By H.JanGra June 16, 2022

The UAE has ordered a suspension of exports and re-exports of wheat and wheat flour originating from India for four months, the Gulf nation's ministry of economy said on Wednesday.

The move follows India banning the export of wheat last month to check the surge in local prices. With this, Indian wheat cannot be rooted to third countries via the UAE.

The ban, which the ministry called as 'moratorium', has been imposed effective from May 13 "in view of the international developments that have affected trade flows".

India had on May 14 banned wheat exports except for those backed by already issued letters of credit (LCs) and to countries seeking to ensure food security.

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy said the ban "applies to all wheat varieties namely hard, ordinary and soft wheat and wheat flour."

A moratorium has been imposed "on the export and re-export of wheat and wheat flour originating from the Republic of India, including free zones, for a period of four months starting from May 13, 2022."

The Ministry also indicated that in the case of wheat and wheat flour products of non-Indian origin, companies wishing to export/re-export it may do so after applying to the Ministry for export permission outside the country.