UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals Schedule: Begins on 27th April (IST)

By S. Sinha April 26, 2022

Man City and Real Madrid will clash tomorrow at 12.30 am (IST) in the first leg of the semi-finals in the UEFA Champions League.

The second match of leg 1 is between Liverpool and Villarreal, starting at 12:30 am on 28th April.

Leg 2 begins with the Liverpool and Villarreal clash, scheduled for 4th May.

Real Madrid and Man City will lock horns on the 5th of May to make their way to the final.

Real Madrid, Liverpool, Man City, and Villarreal will compete against each other in the semi-final. The final is scheduled to be held on 29th May.

English football club Chelsea F.C. currently holds the UEFA Champions League title.