UP assembly election results: Yogi Adityanath, BJP create 7 records

Yogi Adityanath first CM to complete tenure and win a second term

Adityanath is in line to become the first such chief minister in 70 years of UP’s electoral history

Yogi Adityanath is fifth CM to win a second consecutive term

Only five CMs, including Adityanath, have won a second consecutive term in UP ever

First CM to retain power in 37 years

ND Tiwari of the Congress in 1985 went on to retain the post for the second term in a row.

source : TOI

First BJP CM to return  to power

UP has seen four BJP CMs so far. However, none of them could retain office for a second consecutive term

First MLA CM in 15 years

When Adityanath takes oath as chief minister for a second consecutive term, he will become the first MLA CM in 15 years

Third CM to complete tenure

Of the 21 CMs in 70 years, only three have completed the full term . First was Mayawati and Second was Akhilesh

First CM to break Noida jinx

According to the Noida jinx, whichever CM visits the city during his/her tenure loses the next election or does not complete his/her term