The U.S. military is building its own metaverse; virtual and augmented reality environments where personnel can train together.

The military's version of a metaverse doesn't quite align with Mark Zuckerberg and Meta's vision for a virtual world for us to inhabit.

Using augmented reality (AR), two fighter pilots completed a high-altitude drill a few thousand feet high over the desert of California on May 10th.

Flying a pair of Berkut 540 jets and donning custom AR headsets, the pilots were shown virtual refueling aircraft in the sky

AR and VR have become staples of military training of late in projects like Project Avenger and Project BlueShark.

Now, the military is setting its sights on integrating various technologies to create more interconnected virtual systems

And recently held a high-level conference in a virtual environment attended by more than 250 people from across the world.