Vidya Balan Starrer Jalsa Movie Review: A Female-Fronted Project

The film casts Vidya Balan as a journalist and Shefali Shah has the caretaker of her son.

Jalsa narrates the story of a celebrated journalist Maya and her cook Ruksana, who also looks after Maya's specially-abled son Ayush.

In the movie, it is never told why Maya and her husband are separated, why Maya's mother lives with her, what's medical condition her son is struggling with.

Jalsa starts on a great note, and in the initial few minutes, it successfully engages the audience to make us curious to know if justice would be served.

Despite such half-hearted character sketches, it's the performances of the characters that impress in Jalsa.

One thing that works in favour of Jalsa is that it is not trying to make a social commentary, sound preachy or educate audiences.

Source: HT