Vikram Movie Review : An ambitious, but somewhat underwhelming action film

By H.JanGra June 3, 2022

A mad tsunami of talent is approaching you faster than you think, and you need to surrender

Also, high time people across the country start taking Lokesh Kanagaraj seriously, man got style none can resist.

There is brutal violence and that can bother some. But after a point, it also gets a bit repetitive and you are left thinking ‘this could have been avoided’.

Kamal Haasan is back in action after a very rough patch and it only makes me happy that the actor accepts his age on screen

He still has the panache to beat 100 men single handed and you won’t even question.

Fahadh Faasil gets to play the most interesting part as he transforms with the movie

Vikram is a mass entertainer that does not alienate the ones who try to find meat in a film. There is enough to attract you to the theatres and it is all worth. Go book your tickets.