can fix  what went wrong with today's internet

OPEN CODE  Transparent economics  aligned incentives

Web 3.0 promises an open, transparent, and creator-friendly future for the internet whereas Today’s internet is a far cry from its original intent as an open space.

means that rather than proprietary code being hacked and leaked, contributors can collaborate on technology and features from day one.

The open-source nature of

economy is transparent and permissionless, giving stakeholders the confidence that entrenched interests aren’t secretly pulling the strings and controlling outcomes in their favor.

“Keep more of what you earn” and “Support more of what you love” are great narrative boosters as Web 3.0 looks to displace Web 2.0. making it more creator friendly

is aligning incentives between creators, users and the platform itself. These incentives influence a platform’s accountability and governance, which then affects toxicity, inclusion and control.

With Web 3.0, governance is often decentralized via a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, or other ingrained community feedback mechanisms

for web2.0 there’s little competition, users are stuck in the walled garden. And, as privately-owned entities with little outside regulation, they can do whatever they want.

Ultimately, creators want more direct relationships with their fans and influence over the governance of the platforms they use. and web3.0 enables creator driven platforms