Oxygen saturation level: what is the correct level? All you need to know!

Oxygen level is the level that allows the circulation of oxygen in your blood. It indicates a person’s health and how the distribution of oxygen from the lungs to the cell is taking place.

The average oxygen saturation level lies from 90-100%. Below 90% is considered a low category level that requires close monitoring, and the patient may need oxygen.

A person with acute respiratory may need oxygen if its saturation level falls below 93.

Symptoms of low oxygen saturation level: – Shortness of breath – Restlessness – Headache – Dizziness – Rapid breathing – Chest pain – Rapid heartbeat – Visual disorders

With the help of a pulse oximeter, one can easily know their oxygen saturation levels.

If your oxygen saturation level drops below 94, you are recommended to get medical assistance immediately.

It’s indispensable for people to follow COVID-19 guidelines and follow a safety routine to stay healthy as the country is experiencing a shortage of medical supplies. #StaySafe #StayHome