WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature rolls out new options

WhatsApp rolled out disappearing messages last year that allowed users to set a timer on texts. Now it comes with more updated features.

Once the time is up, these messages disappear, unless you have screenshots or anything similar to that.

When WhatsApp first introduced this function, the duration choice was set to seven days.Now, it comes with two other options of 24 hours and 90 days as well.

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When the disappearing messages function is enabled in a chat, it only affects subsequent talks. There will be no effect on older talks.

All users in a group chat have the option to enable disappearing messages, but the admin can adjust  group settings to only allow admins.

If a user does not check his texts in the disappearing messages, as scheduled, it will disappear from the chat. Preview is available in notification.

The basic premise underlying disappearing messages, according to WhatsApp, is the flexibility to be honest and vulnerable while conversing with someone.