Why do we procrastinate?

Humans have wired themselves to fall prey to the habit of procrastination. It has consumed us to such an extent that Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle coined it: Akrasia

Does everyone fall prey to procrastination? Even the famous writer Victor Hugo could not help himself from procrastination

How did Hugo complete the book? Hugo locked all his clothes in a chamber. The lack of good attire forced him to stay indoors and dedicate all his time to writing.

Why Do Humans Procrastinate? Procrastination can be linked to the behavioral economics of time inconsistency.  The human mind bends towards instant gratification

How To Escape The Loop Of Akrasia? There are three ways to free your mind from falling into the trap of Akrasia.

Plan for the foreseeable future Victor Hugo used the method of “commitment device” to accomplish his goal and defeat procrastination.

Design A Smooth Start:  The guilt of procrastination always ways more than not kick-starting an assignment. Then why do we keep it for later? Because we find it difficult to start in the first place.