Women's Day:  Films that honour powerful sheroes in Indian cinema

These are films that will make you pause and think deeper than usual about gender issues plaguing the society. Here's a list of such movies

source : wion

200 Halla Ho

The film beautifully captures not just the emotions of oppressed Dalit women but depicts what happens when they decide to take a stand like never before


Anubhav Sinha's 'Thappad' magnificently speaks on the behalf of the survivors and normalises a wife's refusal to take any version of domestic abuse in her stride.


Shows how rotten the system is and how incapable of righting a grievous wrong. It depicts how society looks away if a heinous crime is committed by someone with power


A female protagonist who not only takes on the challenges of mapping and coordinating a time-sensitive wildlife mission but also grapples with casual and intentional sexism every step of the way


The movie with amazing bravery questions the norms which expect a woman to stop living and enjoying her life after her husband’s death.