World Health Day 2022

Tips For Living A Longer, Healthier Life

The day marks the anniversary of the World Health Organisation, which was established on April 7, 1948.

An important way to facilitate a healthy lifestyle is to understand its importance and incorporate few daily routines

Let's celebrate this World Health Day by understanding the ways in which we can better our health and well-being.


Water makes up more than half of our bodily weight. Water not only hydrates, but it also helps the body's many functions, such as the heart and the brain.

Move your body

Besides helping burn calories and gain muscle, walking, stretching, dancing, etc. can release stress and boost endorphins " the happy hormones "

Increase Protein intake

Protein consumption not only increases energy but also reduces hunger hormones. In addition, protein improves your metabolism.

Learn to say no

Prioritizing your health over transitory desires is an important aspect of establishing a good and long-term lifestyle change.

Say yes to fruits and vegetables

Even high-sugar fruits are still a far better choice than processed sugary snacks and desserts. Fruits are also a good source of fibre, nutrients, and minerals.

Cheat days are okay

Occasionally having pizza and wine with some friends is okay as long as you ration the consumption of low nutrition foods.